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Google Maps API 3 Visual Studio Intellisense Helper

google-maps-3-vs-1-0 provides Visual Studio intellisense in-line api documentation and code completion for Google Maps API V3.

Updated 02/25/10

Also included are fully documented object literal constructors to mitigate hard to find bugs related to object literal construction. see google-maps-3-vs-1-0.js for details.

Quick Start:

Place the files google-maps-3-vs-1-0.js and google-maps-3-vs-1-0-vsdoc.js in the same directory.

Add a script tag referencing google-maps-3-vs-1-0.js AFTER the google maps 3 api script tag.

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    <!-- deploy this script AFTER the maps api-->

    <script src="scripts/google-maps-3-vs-1-0.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

In standalone script files add a <reference> tag to google-maps-3-vs-1-0.js to the head of the file.

	/// <reference path="google-maps-3-vs-1-0.js" />

If you encounter an error in the documentation or members or find that this script breaks your google code, please leave feedback or patches on the codeplex site so that I might update this script.


TODO: implement full coverage tests


The intellsense helper for Google Maps V2 is temporarily unavailable

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